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Credit Resolution Associates .... "WE CAN HELP"

We make it our mission to prioritize solutions & all available resources to those who are experiencing "Negative" remarks on their credit report. Regardless if its credit card debt, bankruptcy, repossession, eviction or any other form of debt help needed .... We make it our mission to helping YOU take back control of your livelihood.

If you’re struggling with debt - charge-off, foreclosure, eviction - repossession reporting on your credit ... give us a call and we’ll show you exactly how YOU can break the debt cycle and regain financial Tranquility.

You’ve got nothing to lose. But so much to gain.

First and foremost, we strive to help people who may have fallen on rough circumstances that have left them in need of some credit repair, whether personally or professionally. 

We take time to assess the needs of each of our clients on an individual level and help them make decisions pertaining to their current finances, future plans, and everything in between to ensure they have an achievable, sensible plan to get everything back in order.

To discuss our services or make further enquiries, please visit us in Fall River or get in touch on facebook, message us here or call:
401-335-0856 or 508-859-3506.

Top Quality Advice

We understand the effects bad credit can have on you and your family, so we are always available to provide you with options and advice when it comes to getting your finances back in order. Rest assured, our experienced team can help you with the right course of action to take. So whether you have been threatened by debt collectors or simply need someone to help you make heads and tails of your current situation, we will be there for you.

Your Goals are our Goals

We have a single task, and that task is to provide you with the most optimal solutions to your financial questions. With this in mind, we are committed to giving you the right advice when it comes to credit repair. Given our expertise in financial management, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals in both the short and long term. We want to help you get back where you need to be, so why not get in touch and see how we can help you realise your goals?


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All services
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Types of Credit Assistance

I Offer

Removing Bankruptcy
Repossessions From Credit Reports

Helping to improve credit scores.

Removing Inaccurate Information

Types of Credit Assistance

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